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tv   [untitled]    January 25, 2014 8:00am-8:31am PST

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means daily reports daily those reports include photographs so the members of the dbi can, in fact, look at the photograph to see if there are any issues of what's being implemented but the important thing is we need to install a foundation and basically shore the site. and we need to do that in accordance with the permit that requires special inspection and we need to have the dbi have the confidence that it's a being done through the proper reporting and memorializing with
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photographs. thank you >> thank you. is there any more any public comment? before i close? >> good morning, commissioners steve williams i've been representing the adjacent neighbors for a number of years they asked me to come down and what's been said and securing the site and the cut that's been made in the hillside it needs to be shored soaps. the neighborhood can hear pieces of the building crumbling and they want it handled. they want the removal of the structure whatever that takes. this has been a demolition we
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tried to make this point in front of board of appeals and the planning commission. no one would listen it's a demolition and there's no way that the existing site is safer with the construction there and it's already been a first-degree time of imagination and the use of the planning code which was not intended. so the neighbors want it handled quickly and the securing the site but they also want to page which is now wrapped and strung from the hillside removed. it's ridiculous it's still hanging there. that's the priority for the neighbors is to have the site
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secured, have it cleared and have the structure removed thank you very much >> thank you, mr. williams. is there any more any public comment? before i close. ma'am, secretary i believe i see none >> okay. >> is it true city attorney is it okay to talk about the aspect of the safety and give direction to the department our wishes is that a separate item to be discussed. george from the city attorney's office. i think the commissioner can express desires about how the site will be best protected but it's the directors jurisdiction to address the situation and how fast >> commissioner walker wants to weigh in. >> i think as i said the
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securing the site and safety is what all of our priorities are. i want to applaud the director for handling this so far and i have full confidence you'll do the right thing on this property. it's your call. the commission is concerned about this as you've heard. i heard from a lot of folks i respect i worked on seismic issues in the department and i think that the neighbors and everyone that's heard about this deserves to have confidence it won't get worse and it's secure so -
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>> commissioner lee. >> i just have two questions one is the structure stable right now? and if it is are we monitoring it everyday and lastly do we have is a geolift monitoring it. we're fortunate we haven't had rain >> before you answer the question anybody? i think the open cut made safe is the terminal we need to address here. i think the commission would stress to the department that above all the other actions that are going to be taken we must
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reinforce the neighbors and the public this sight is secure and safe until it's safe with the cafeteria in making the site secure and safe doesn't translate into the interpretation that the project has somehow started that's not the case. we want to make sure with the neighbors feel safe and the project is safe one hundred percent >> and we don't want the problem public to feel we're disrupting any evidence. >> yeah. with a scoop he will with the sole goal to make this open cut safe so the rains if they come there wouldn't be any concerns. and no, i know that deputy
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director sweeney i didn't did a lot of daily so i don't know who you want to talk to with that. your role is giving me the information so i'll let you make the call who to talk to >> members of the commission. ed sweeny deputy director planning services. we would like to start troirlgs to doing the weather proofing involving putting in the foundation and at that point we can get weigh in from the planning department how they want to proceed. it's a recognized slide zone we have to cut we have to do something quickly the rains about come. the only time i've been up there
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i was seeing springs so there's water out there and we've only had 2 inches of rain in the last year >> so maybe this is an unfair question. how much of a work load is needed to get it to that open cut made safe >> there they're probably a month out. >> no to make it safe. if we're wish is to instruct the director to make it safe how much work >> 6 weeks. >> they will 3 issues. first of all, number one for safety of the site number one is
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the section is on the ground. we had a complaint we sent an engineer to inspect it but they cut the ribbon but we can do a monitoring, you know, every two days or whatever to see how it is go out there and check for the movement. second issue regarding the site safety. we were about the rain we know about the problem we need to look at surface water. it's in the improved plan we have our plan help me to review it with staff to get permit and another issue regarding the site
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you heard about from the next demeanor and the structural engineer of the job and also, you know, we've got the open and cut we need to install the foundation to make sure it's stable so we don't know when earthquake come tomorrow or today. those are my recommendations on my report but how fast we can do it all depended on, you know, all this work, you know, step by step. the foundation takes sometime to do it. sir if you >> just on your experienced to get this open cut safe how
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quickly could it be done based on what you say. >> i agree with mr. sweeny now the structure is in the way. the structure is in the way of implementing the shoring of installing the foundation and maybe in the way of properly providing drainage across the site. i believe what has to happen not only do we need a plan to show the surface what it is but we had approved a surface drainage plan but how they prop to sequence securing the cut with the structure in the way. that has to be happen and be reviewed by dbi and they may ask sack to go looked at it again.
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it has to happen quickly. it's going to rain and a seismically that structure fortunately it's a hard rock site but the reality it's sitting there and it's barely stable under static load we need to improve it with the potential of is an earthquake. i encourage this commission and i know if the physical investigations are completed. what hadn't been done in the writing of the reports. i i know that the engineers retained by city have been out there and their site plans are finished. i know that the dbi's studies open the site have been completed it's a matter of preparing the reports so moving
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the work forward wouldn't interfere with preparing the reports. i encourage you as a member of the sack as the chairman of the sack to let's move on. let planning deal with the issue of structure but we should move on with the implementation of the stability of the cut and the foundation installation >> thank you commissioner walker. >> i think i intend to agree with that but i also want to as we move forward if that's what the director determines that we let the folks know who are doing the investigation to make sure that they have what they need from site first.
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and in that it's seems like it needs to happen pretty immediately. i mean, i agree i think that it's tenuous at best and i think we would be lacking responsibility if we didn't support of the directors decisions on that >> commissioner melgar. >> i have some questions i drove over there and i'm not a structural engineer but first place the neighbor i would be freaked out. i heard you say you sent outing someone out there and don't believe the structure is moving. i heard you sigh there were 3 straight issues the foundation and the neighboring property and the structure itself. so i, you know, since is there
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was a permit for demolition denied i'm wondering what at what point do we move, you know, on a demolition is that was neat? i went over there and was looking at this thing territorial on this hill only one thing holding it and i'm wondering is that real? >> deputy sweeney i didn't. >> eventually they're waiting on a determination of planning do they need form 6. >> so mraep is on it. >> yes. >> so all people that's getting into the report so i want to stop you. i get where you're going
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commissioners. i want to reinforce what's in front of us to recommend to the department to make the open cut safe for the community and the neighbors up there and obviously for us as a department to give instruction to go ahead and do that. with the stress caveat this is not work resuming there 0 this is only to make sure that the city is confident this will be safe going 0 into the winter arrest commissioners? >> let me ask a question. instead of just putting the foundation in as in the plan is there any other way we can or the - any thing to stabilize that hillside
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>> there's the components of securing the cut on the north side of 125 which is the south side of 115 and that means to keep the rock stable. the geolots of have to get out there to look at the cut to see where the bolts should be placed. and, secondly, there's retaining walls we call it temporary the reality is those walls are part - their temporary and stand alone but they eventually become part of the structure. the work should be 34re789d. the third is the actual foundation for the structure itself. i'm excited about that portion
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having to be installed provided it is not needed as part of the temporary shoring of the structure that we are trying to save. if they have to be installed to allow us to save the sticks that are out there that should be installed. the cut on the north side japt to 115 there's the walls on the other side there's a wedge of fill down on the southeast corner and there's the weather foundation needs to be installed to maintain the stability. and on top of make sure the surface water is corrected >> it sounds the midsection kind of. >> whatever to hold the house.
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>> if the perimeter needs for the drainage needs to be in. >> it was the first one we hit upon when we reviewed the plan what - 3 months ago. as you pointed out there are springs, there's water coming out of the hillside >> so there's things we can do not only the foundation work. >> things. >> your amendment is to make it safe. >> yeah. . >> as soon as possible. >> maybe director you can take it from there obviously, we don't need more details and you'll report back to us. >> they need the necessarily
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permit and payment. >> i'm coming out from the point of view in the interests of everybody, everybody is going to do the right thing and everybody will be on board for you to make the open cut safe. >> thank you. thank you >> i believe we have no more comment on this. with that, i want to thank the commissioners and we'll be getting back to everybody once the reports are in. thank you. again for your patience >> item 8 discussion regarding joint meeting with the planning commission. >> commissioner walker heard from her resources i did meet with president fong and he was receive active on this meeting i've left him the details
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because they meet every week. he promised to get back to me. he did ask to try and have a better understanding as to what the agenda will be about. maybe we should give that some thought. he stressed that's all fine but doesn't want this long-drawn-out joint meeting we need to be clear and specific on our issues and vice versa i kind of respect. so commissioner walker has been through this commissioner lee i lean to our expertise do you have three or four items >> we had three or four meetings and we had some of the
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same things we started to discuss we needed to discuss now as far as the possess probation officers process and surfacing between our department we motive predicable it as far as timing. some of those are processes together and that's across the board from the beginning of applying to a permit to when it comes to our department and noted to be reviewed. some time southern when it comes back to be more efficient in doing what they are doing providing service to the public. is are things that are issues then and now. so i'm certainly happy to break down the verbiage if you want between now and the next meeting
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so we can do that. at least that and if someone else has - >> commissioner lee did you. >> no. >> commissioner mar no. i'll think about it two >> i'll write something up and send it to you. >> if that's okay with everybody and next item. >> is there any public comment? on item 8 seeing none, item 9 commissioners questions and matters and at this time the commissioners may make inquires of the items of interest to the commission >> seeing none, no. okay. next >> item 89 b future meetings and agenda. at this time you may set the
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next meeting or determine the agenda items and for other future meetings. as mentioned earlier we have a special budget meeting on february 4th at 9 o'clock and the next is in february >> commissioner mar. >> i had one item that i had talked to president mccarthy about earlier maybe with the assistance of commissioner mccray and commissioner melgar i want to request that we get some feedback from the mayor's office of housing on the plans to subcontract some of the housing authorities even if it's a preliminary plan the department has to get rode for the unit that are coming on line that will fall on the per view of the
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tenants side. because we've got to service two divisions. it doesn't have to happen at the next meeting but i want some outreach to the mayor's office and they can schedule someone to come to our future meetings >> i will absolutely no problem put that together. you just let me know if you can put it together >> whose supposed to pull it together. >> it's american people open statement. commissioner walker. >> that might be on o one of the issues on our planning agenda those are existing buildings or weaver so maybe we can have that be an agenda item at the time. it's going to be a month out and
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there may be more information as far as looking at the planned >> right now to my knowledge the r f q hasn't coming up come out. >> i'm not sure it involves many change in the use at all. my understanding is they're putting out an r f q to take ownership from the housing authority to nonprofit developers. there's some rehab work that's going to be involved. but what that means for our department is that whereas we weren't not inspecting those units unless, you know, we went through the special process they will fall under the same jurisdiction as other multiple units in the city.
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it will increase our portfolio by a couple of thousands unit; right? >> so that's aspect. >> it's got budgetary. >> uh-huh. >> it's humane we should discuss it i'm not sure it's a planning issue you're taking over the inventory scott wagner is one of the reviews like the office building on market street. those are how this around planning. i want to see the whole packet discussed to see ahead of problems how our departments what work towards moving it forward. that is huge the market street project and getting building and planning on the same page. i just think that might be a
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good thing to add to the agenda to add legal unit >> okay. >> commissioner walker go actually, this is part of the accepted directive we have to report to the mayor by february 1st. this is an issue a moving target it's not just one time we'll continue after february 1st >> maybe for the housing authority i was thinking about isolating it. i i know there's plans for the
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other housing projects but i'm concerned with the older housing properties the more their building new ones i'm worried about two things as the commissioner alluded to mainly the workload for our department. the older places definitely need work and i think, you know, our department needs to get in there to make sure it's done right and we want to encourage that to happen quickly. the other side is the tenant. i'm sure the tenant will, you know, if they have problems or complaints or issues they're going to be complaining to us more directly than they do now. i want to make sure we're ready to service bodies and we have the mindset of that's what is
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going to happen >> how is the housing rights committee specifically they've been 0 pro-active involved in housing authority even though we had an agreement with the housing authority just a written agreement to help prioritize their issues. that's been in existence for 10 years maybe a little bit less than that. the housing rights committee has been pro-active in encourage that relationship. not necessarily successfully in the past but they probably would be good to - they're part of our code enforcement outreach program and probably would be interested in making that more official >> yeah. actually, i see this


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